Darcy A., Safety and Facilities, Catalyst Paper

In 2008, Catalyst Paper’s Surrey Distribution Center started working with Reactive Injury Management on a regular basis. They have been invaluable in providing a liaison between our material handlers and their health care professionals that has reduced their time away from work due to injury. They have also been instrumental in providing a basis for modified duties through analysis and interpretation of our Job Demands which has served to greatly reduce our Work Safe BC Lost Time claims. Thank you Shawna and your Team!

6 Ways to Make Your Brain Better!!

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Can Exercise Help Heal the Brain??  YES IT CAN!!  Watch this video explaining the research...

Research studies show that people with TBI who exercise show fewer symptoms of depression, fatigue, and cognitive problems.

6 Ways Exercise Makes Your Brain Better

1. It spurs brain growth

2. It boosts brain-building hormones

3. It fights depression and anxiety