Kinesiology Services

We understand that not everyone is a “gym” person, and our goal is not to turn you into one (unless that is your goal).  Our main objective is to help you restore function to whatever body area has been injured by improving the range of motion, endurance and strength to that area.  The goal of this is to facilitate your return to the activities that you enjoyed prior to your injury, including work and play.  These sessions may take place in your community, in the gym, the pool, at your home, or in the work place; whichever makes the most sense to help you achieve your goals.

All of our Practicing Kinesiologists are members of the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists.

6 Ways to Make Your Brain Better!!

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Can Exercise Help Heal the Brain??  YES IT CAN!!  Watch this video explaining the research...

Research studies show that people with TBI who exercise show fewer symptoms of depression, fatigue, and cognitive problems.

6 Ways Exercise Makes Your Brain Better

1. It spurs brain growth

2. It boosts brain-building hormones

3. It fights depression and anxiety