Nathalie L., Client

Very professional team! Always paying close attention to the patient while working out. I highly recommend them especially if the injury is serious. Shawna is a very positive and professional Kinesiologist .She paid close attention  to where my aches and pain are  and she created a very specific program that make me progress weekly in a very safe manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Shawna to any of my colleagues of friends. I can only thank her joyful, patient, curious and caring personality

6 Ways to Make Your Brain Better!!

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Can Exercise Help Heal the Brain??  YES IT CAN!!  Watch this video explaining the research...

Research studies show that people with TBI who exercise show fewer symptoms of depression, fatigue, and cognitive problems.

6 Ways Exercise Makes Your Brain Better

1. It spurs brain growth

2. It boosts brain-building hormones

3. It fights depression and anxiety