Peggy H., -Client

I was critically injured in an MVA, 11 fractures from ribs to pelvis, the Team at Reactive IM helped me from the moment I got home from the hospital. They delivered wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and canes and the staff to teach me how to use them and encourage me. They ensured I was using the best posture, the team has delivered unparalleled in-home physiotherapy, a Kinesiologist who has assisted in my rehabilitation from the pool to walking with outstanding posture today.  In addition, when I returned work they sent an Occupational Therapist to set up a stand up station which I will likely require the rest of my life. The rehab Team also delivered a psychotherapist who is assisting me to deal with many psychological hurdles, in fact, she worked along side the Occupational therapist to ensure that my return to work program was altered to prevent a total melt down which likely would have set me back. The team at Reactive IM has been instrumental in making my rehabilitation as quick yet thorough as possible, I love my work and was extremely anxious to get back and they did everything possible to make my wishes come true!