Tammy H., Client and Iron Man 2013

In 2006 during a training ride for my 2nd Iron distance triathlon I was hit by a car…this set me in a different direction than I had ever experienced before. Managing the injuries, the emotional impact of the accident and the changes that needed to happen for my family to function with my altered physical condition was incredibly overwhelming. There were countless appointments and there were many times I didn’t even understand what the purpose of it was…myself and my family needed to have a point team to guide me through rehabilitation. This is when I was put in front of Reactive IM for both a Kinesiologist and my Occupational Therapist; the team offered me the practical support through the return to measured physical activity, cognitive support with learning tools to regain my confidence and ability to function with daily tasks. A steady stream of knowledge, and encouraging feedback to help me believe I could return to my previous physical condition. Reactive IM supported the months of emotional ups and downs; the team helped me to organize the necessities for my family and guided me through a long rehabilitation then providing me with the plan to keep rebuilding once their role was complete.
3 years after the accident I participated in a local triathlon and have since returned to full distance triathlon faster and stronger than years before! It takes a team to believe in you to accomplish that!
Thank you to both Paula and Shawna at Reactive IM!