Workplace Services / Ergonomics

"...Reactive Injury Management has been invaluable in providing a liaison between our material handlers and their health care professionals..." - Catalyst Paper

Physical Job Demands Analysis

The purpose of a physical demands analysis is to quantify the tasks that are required to perform a particular job.  It is an objective assessment of a specific job and the tasks involved to complete that job.  It describes the physical demand requirements of a position including force, posture and motions, strength, sensory, environmental and flexibility. It also quantifies the physical stress factors for magnitude, repetition or frequency, duration and recovery.

Such an analysis may be requested by a doctor, an insurer or an employer who needs to determine if a client can return safely to work and what tasks, if any, are hazardous and may need modification to lessen the chance of injury.  Our Occupational Therapists are qualified to perform the physical job demands analysis at the work site and to coordinate the client’s return to work through liaison with the employer and the doctor, and through design of graduated return to work programs and work conditioning programs.


Ergonomics is about the fit between people, their work activities, equipment, work systems, and the environment to ensure that workplaces are safe, comfortable, efficient, and that productivity is not compromised.The overall goal of an ergonomic analysis is to provide information that will facilitate the development of an environment that enhances both human performance and well-being. An objective is to generate a comprehensive report that will contain an assessment of specific workstations and identification of potentially hazardous conditions, and then  making suggestions for improving workstations (from Roy Matheson & Ass.)

Workplace Wellness Programs

The healthier a working environment, the healthier the worker. This in turn increases productivity, alertness on the job, success of a return to work after injury and employee morale while decreasing absenteeism, chance of injury and re-injury.

  • These programs are custom to your workplace and can include:
  • On Location daily stretching / exercise programs led by a Practicing Kinesiologist
  • Consultation in the creation and development of a "wellness Space"
  • Specific exercise / stretching programs to meet the needs of your employees
  • On-site exercise or rehabilitation programs to assist employees
  • Creation of a Wellness Board for posting relevant and up to date health and fitness information specific to your industry
  • Work Site Wellness programs are custom to your needs and your budget.
  • Ergonomic Evaluation of the workspace